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You have just arrived in the city, what should you do?

Sometimes the bus arrives late at night or very early in the morning. It is best to always have a reservation prior. its a very good option to find a place.

It can happen that the hostels are full and you can not get a place to sleep via internet.

So we recommend that you leave your bags in a locker at the bus terminal and look for a lodging soon.



If you got here in the morning and its not yet the check-in time, you can leave your things in the hotel that you have reserved, they always have lockers.

Then have breakfast, go for a walk to recognize the area, go to the Tourism Offcie and get a map or pick up our map from the front desck at the hostel


So, did you get here at night? get some food or drinks its also a great idea.

Where0000641328 to go?

There is an area of the city called “Paseo Balcarce“. There you can find a great variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and even discotheques during the weekend.

Did you get here in the morning?

That’s a different story. But dont worry, there are places in town that are open early for breakfast. Most of them are in the center of the city.

Walking Tours in the city

And once you have breakfast we wait for you at our meeting point to do our free walking tour.


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