Preacher Brewery. Craft Beer in Salta

Preacher Brewery is a craft brewery located in San Lorenzo, just 10 minutes from the city of Salta at 1450 masl.

A craft brewery (or micro brewery) is a brewery that produces a limited amount of beer. The term is typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate and have independent owners9.

These types of breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on flavour, fermentation technique and use of quality ingridients.

Preacher Brewery produces 5 types of beers.



artisan beer


la belgaWHEAT: Witbier or wit blanche (white wheat in Spanish) is a wheat beer typical of the region of Belgium and Holland. This beer originates from the medieval tradition of preserving wheat beers with fruit and spices.

It is characterized mainly by being made not only with barley malt but also with a high proportion of wheat malt and peeled wheat, which give it its characteristic whitish hue.

The wheat gives a characteristic acidic profile and the citric flavors are thanks to the use of coriander and orange peel. It is a soft and refreshing beer, ideal to drink in summer.



inglesa morenaENGLISH MILD: It is one of the oldest styles of beer in England. It was born in the 18th century when, due to the population increase, some brewers began selling beer before it was ready.

Originally the term Mild, or soft, referred to a young or unripe beer. Today it refers more to beers that contain less hops, which are also lighter beers, with a low alcoholic content.

Fifty years ago, almost three-quarters of the beer brewed was of this style. In the last decades they lost ground in favor of other styles of beer and today, thanks to the craft beers, they are living a small renaissance.



la vaquitaMILK STOUT: Stout is the name for a very dark, high alcoholic beer style. English day laborers used to drink beer during their rest and some returned to their work day under the influence of alcohol, tired and even asleep.

To remedy this, the breweries sought to create a beer that was not only refreshing, but also nutritious and energetic. Since milk is a drink that has these qualities, the idea of ​​using it in beer is born.

The style is very similar to the typical stout style, with roasted aromas of cafe and chocolate. Lactose is the ingredient that creates this style; As depending on the amount used, neutralizes the bitterness of the beer or can sweeten its flavor.



el pirataPALE ALE: Pale Ale is a subtype of ale brewed by temperate fermentation using mainly a specific variety of malt known as Malta Clara (Pale malt).

Originally it was a draft beer served very fresh, without pressure (gravity only or hand pump) at basement temperature. The style was created as a barrel alternative to pale ale made in the field around the early twentieth century.

Nowadays the use of different types of preparations and the different hops varieties have given rise to beers pale ale of a wide diversity of flavors and intensities.




la ladrona del lupuloINDIA PALE ALE: During the British colonial period in India, there were a large number of troops and civilians who missed the beer of their country of origin. The trip to India was too long and hot to keep the typical beers from England traveling in barrels.

Prior to refrigeration, the solution was found in alcohol and hops. Alcohol provided a hostile environment for microbes and hops prevented the growth of bacteria that cause acidity.

The result was a very bitter, alcoholic and frothy Pale Ale that could withstand the challenges of travel and storage in India.




At Preacher Brewery you can enjoy all these varieties of beer on tap and even buy bottled beer or your own re-fillable growler.


The Preacher’s brewhouse, where these premium beers are made, is the best in Northwest Argentina and has modern brewing technology.

preacher´s kitchen

If you want to know more about this craft brewery click here to visit its facebook page

Now in Salta. Learn spanish with native teachers

As in the largest cities in America now in Salta you can also study Spanish.


spanish class


J. G. School is Spanish – English school located close to the centre town in the city of Salta and it offers you a fun, easy and fast way of learning Spanish or English and it also offers a well organised language programme and a professional service.

Like I used to work as a tour guide, I can also tell you and teach you many things about Salta´s culture, traditions and recommend you which are the best places to visit in Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy. There is just so much to do here! You will have lots of fun at J.G school.

If you live in the city of Salta and want to learn English, this is your opportunity. J.G School takes you to study in the UK, in partnership with BRITISH COUNCIL accredited Schools to guarantee an assurance of quality to our students.









J. G. School in Salta, offers you a unique language experience by combining Spanish courses and authentic culture experiences.

We believe that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish – Speaking country is the best way of achieve a true understanding and excellent pronunciation of Spanish language.

Studying Spanish in Argentina will open up a world of opportunity! Enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a different culture, Salta provides the perfect backdrop for this unique life experience.

Studying Spanish in Salta allows you to immerse yourself completely in the language, which provides an opportunity to quickly gain true proficiency in the language while also enjoying the unique Argentinian and Salta´s culture.

If you take our Spanish course you will be completely immersed in the Spanish language and we will help to develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

During the course you are encouraged to speak and interact as much as possible.

For more info contact us or visit JG School´s website by clicking here

Vegetarian cuisine in salta

What is it like to be a vegetarian in Salta?


We know that Argentina is known for the quality of meat and its meat based meals mainly, but lately more people opt for Vegetarian Cooking and a healthier lifestyle.

In the city of Salta is also becoming fashionable this type of cuisine along with the so-called “Andean cuisine,” which elaborates exquisite dishes based on ancestral ingredients used by the Incas.

The options within the city are several, and among the most recommended, we have restaurants that will delight you with novelties and flavors that will be a blast on your palate.


Without intending to categorize or classify these restaurants we will give you a list of the 3 best places in the city to enjoy a very good vegetarian meal.


Chirimoya Vegetarian Resto


Chirimoya is a couple of blocks from the 9 de Julio square and in a warm and cozy atmosphere you can enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine as homemade. Love and fruits for all.

Address: Spain 211. Open from 9 to 14:45 and from 20:30 to 23:15

More Info


Viracocha Restaurant

Located in a very nice and quiet area of the city Viracocha Restaurant has a wide variety of vegetarian and Andean cuisine with a family atmosphere.

Address: Vicente Lopez 353. Open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

More Info


Vaikuntha Vegan Resto


In Vaikuntha Vegan Resto you will find a great variety of food exclusively Vegan, a combination of ingredients that will leave you astonished.

Address: Leguizamon 450. Open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.

More Info

Important: Argentina is probably the only country in Latin America where it is common to find vegetarian empanadas.

So we hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful city and of course accompanied by exquisite vegetarian options

Visiting Salta? plan what to do with an itinerary

Creating your own itinerary to visit and know places can sometimes be a little complicated, look at different pages, blogs and even read a lot of information to make a decision.
With the Inspirock application you can create your itinerary of travel for Salta or the northwest Argentine, wherever you travel with only entering the destination and the date of your trip. The application is online, is free and fully adjustable to your discretion and tastes.



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Where to eat empanadas in Salta?

A lot has been said and written about which Argentinian province has the best empanadas.

From the broad (sometimes TOO broad) variety of flavours in Buenos Aires, the ones they cook in Santiago del Estero, up to the ones from Tucuman (us conservatives say NO to raisins in the empanadas) and even the fried empanadas from Jujuy. However, it is widely agreed that the best Argentinian empanadas can be found in Salta.

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Improve your Spanish

Have you learned a little Spanish on your trip to South America?

Would you like to improve it?

This post is not only to encourage you to do our tour, it is also to help you have a more fluent Spanish language.

We want to help you improve your Spanish, not with a class, but listening to our guide and interacting with him.

Why spend time sitting in a classroom if you can do it while you are visiting the city?


Ifdestinations-la-2b you want to do it, then come and take a Free Walking Tour in spanish with us. Monday to Saturday at 10am in front of the cathedral.

Our specialized guide makes the tour in Spanish paused, as neutral as possible and in words that everyone can understand.

Why taking more Spanish classes if you can practice with a tour guide?





After the tour you can invite the guide to have a coffee or a beer and talk. He will be more than happy to accept your invitation.

come on…

lets do the walking tour together

in spanish.