Rent a bike in Salta

Rent a Bicycle to see more of the city

Rent a bike in salta

Apart from doing our free tour, one of the activities you can do in the city is to rent a bike and tour beautiful places.
Pedaling with your friends and family is a recreational activity of great pleasure.
There are many places inside and outside the city that you can visit by bicycle and do exercise while you know places.
The bike rental is something that has become very popular all over the world and in Salta we also have this option for you.


We provide this service with our partners

You can rent it by the hour or by day, and if want to know more and rental prices click here

Why the long queues at ATMs in Argentina?

Why the long queues at ATMs in Argentina?

We will try to explain in this article why queues at ATMs, where to exchange money and some useful tips.

One of the main reasons why Argentines make long queues at ATMs in the first days of each month is because they are accustomed to use cash, debit and credit cards are only used for large purchases and at a long term.

The Argentines pay the rent, their taxes and purchases in cash, for that reason they need large amounts and the automatic tellers have a withdrawal limit per day.

That daily limit was imposed for the protection of customers, a few years ago was very common so-called “express kidnappings”, where the criminal took the customer to withdraw all their money from the ATMs and then release them.


atm queues


Since Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001, confidence in the banks has been low; middle class savers hide their money under the mattress or buy new cars and improve their houses. Even rich Argentineans send their money abroad to banks in Uruguay or the Caymans.

Those that do have bank accounts are treated to exorbitant bank charges, government taxes, high loan interest rates and low savings rates.

Before Traveling to Argentina make sure to bring Unites States Dollars or Euros

Unlike most countries, where bringing lots of hard cash is not recommended or necessary, if travelling to Argentina we would suggest taking a decent amount of cash with you. Specifically US dollars and Euros. Don’t even bother bring other types of currency since they are harder to get exchanged and often at terrible rates (perhaps with the exception of the British Pound, but not guarantee)

From 2011 till January 2016 Argentina had severe Currency Exchange Restrictions also know as ” Dollar Blue or Mercado Paralelo “. During that time, exchanging money on the black market was actually a great deal with gaps over 40% compared with the official governmental rate.


money exchange argentina


There are two ways to change money “legal or illegal”.

With Argentina’s new president Mauricio Macri the restrictions have been lifted and official markets opened once more. Because of this, the Blue Dollar no longer offers the benefits that once did.

Choosing the illegal route over the normal banks, entails dealing with rigged calculators, fake money and you generally run the risk of being robbed. There is a lot of counterfeit bills, so it is necessary to be aware especially when handling larger notes, or receiving large amounts of change. All bank notes have a watermark in Argentina and both ARS100 and ARS50 bank notes have a metallic thread incorporated into the paper. You should have enough to go by with just the watermark and the metallic thread.


For foreigners withdrawing money from atms has a cost, they pay a tax that is not yet very clear why they charge it and there is a limit also on the amount of money to extract.

atm fees funny

Important fact: if you need a large amount of cash in one day, you can withdraw your twice your limit if you do it the second time after 5 pm, of course you will pay twice the tax, but you will have enough cash.


withdrawing money meme

We hope that with this information we clarify some doubts on this topic and if you have any questions leave us your comment.

Why the Orange trees in the squares

Why the Orange trees

in the squares

Bitter orange of plaza or Naranjo bitter of sevilla

Many people wonder what kind of orange is the one we have in 9 de Julio square? Why are they there and no one picks them up? Are they edible?

In this note we tell you about its origin and we will answer these questions.

plaza 9 de julios


In the photo above we can see a partial view of the 9 de Julio square in the city of Salta and the orange trees in the sidewalks.


Why are bitter oranges bitter?
Bitter oranges come from a different tree from sweet oranges, Citrus aurantium. This tree was cultivated in ancient times as an ornamental tree or to use its fruits in cosmetics, but not for consumption.
Its bitter taste is due to the presence in the fruit of an organic compound called neohesperidine. This compound is extracted and used in the food industry as a sweetener, is between 250 and 1800 times sweeter than sucrose, and a more persistent sweet taste, similar to licorice.

But, of course, it does not contain the type and amount of sugar that a sweet orange, so its gastronomic use is much lower.

Origins of bitter orange
The bitter orange tree comes from South Asia, and spread to the Mediterranean, Syria and Palestine by the Arabs. The caliphs of Cordoba, during the ninth and tenth centuries, popularized its use as an ornamental plant, planting it in streets, gardens, courtyards and mosques. It is very common to see it still in areas of Andalusia, such as the famous Patio de los Naranjos de la Mezquita de Córdoba.
Bitter orange has been cultivated since ancient times, although as we have said it was used as a decorative element for its thick foliage and bright colors, or for cosmetic and even medicinal uses. Subsequently extended its use as an ingredient in jams and preserves, and in the production of liqueurs. Today it is exported to the whole world.

In America this Orange trees was introduced by the Spanish in the 16th century.

square 9 of July


Types of bitter oranges
There are different varieties of bitter oranges, although the most cultivated in the Mediterranean is the Naranjo of Seville.
The fruits of Naranjo de Sevilla are highly prized to produce the well-known bitter orange jam because of its high pectin content. They are also used in the preparation of compotes and liqueurs.
Another variety is Citrus aurantium grown in southeastern Vietnam, which is basically used as a rootstock for other species of Citrus. Its fruit is used for the production of jams and liqueurs such as Triple Sec and Curaçao. They are also used in cosmetics, to extract essential oils.
The bergamia subvariety is grown in Italy to produce bergamot oil, component of many brands of perfume and tea. It is an essential ingredient in the famous Earl Gray tea.
Other sub-varieties are myrtifolia, originally from China, and daidai, used in traditional Chinese medicine and the celebration of Japanese New Year.

Of course you can make with this orange a delicious jam. It is believed that this jam originated in ancient Rome, in the attempt to preserve this fruit.

Would you do it?
Do you want the recipe?
Write us, and we will pass you the recipie by email

Vegetarian cuisine in salta

What is it like to be a vegetarian in Salta?


We know that Argentina is known for the quality of meat and its meat based meals mainly, but lately more people opt for Vegetarian Cooking and a healthier lifestyle.

In the city of Salta is also becoming fashionable this type of cuisine along with the so-called “Andean cuisine,” which elaborates exquisite dishes based on ancestral ingredients used by the Incas.

The options within the city are several, and among the most recommended, we have restaurants that will delight you with novelties and flavors that will be a blast on your palate.


Without intending to categorize or classify these restaurants we will give you a list of the 3 best places in the city to enjoy a very good vegetarian meal.


Chirimoya Vegetarian Resto


Chirimoya is a couple of blocks from the 9 de Julio square and in a warm and cozy atmosphere you can enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine as homemade. Love and fruits for all.

Address: Spain 211. Open from 9 to 14:45 and from 20:30 to 23:15

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Viracocha Restaurant

Located in a very nice and quiet area of the city Viracocha Restaurant has a wide variety of vegetarian and Andean cuisine with a family atmosphere.

Address: Vicente Lopez 353. Open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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Vaikuntha Vegan Resto


In Vaikuntha Vegan Resto you will find a great variety of food exclusively Vegan, a combination of ingredients that will leave you astonished.

Address: Leguizamon 450. Open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.

More Info

Important: Argentina is probably the only country in Latin America where it is common to find vegetarian empanadas.

So we hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful city and of course accompanied by exquisite vegetarian options

Visiting Salta? plan what to do with an itinerary

Creating your own itinerary to visit and know places can sometimes be a little complicated, look at different pages, blogs and even read a lot of information to make a decision.
With the Inspirock application you can create your itinerary of travel for Salta or the northwest Argentine, wherever you travel with only entering the destination and the date of your trip. The application is online, is free and fully adjustable to your discretion and tastes.



How does it work?
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The mission of Inspirock is to help you create a travel plan with the help of technology

Inspirock is a free online service that helps vacation goers plan out where to go and what to see based on their interests. With a few clicks, you describe your preferences. For example, do you like an active vacation? Will there be kids? Want to explore history and culture? Then Inspirock builds you an itinerary that best matches your interests. Using its tools and recommendations, you can easily change your plan until it is just right.


We invite you to plan your trip to Salta with Inspirock clicking on the button below, cheers !!


Arriving in Salta, late at night or early in the morning

You have just arrived in the city, what should you do?

Sometimes the bus arrives late at night or very early in the morning. It is best to always have a reservation prior. its a very good option to find a place.

It can happen that the hostels are full and you can not get a place to sleep via internet.

So we recommend that you leave your bags in a locker at the bus terminal and look for a lodging soon.



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