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Locro, what is it and how to make it.


Argentine Locro


Locro is a stew of squash, meat, corn and beans. It is creamy and slightly sweet, and its garnishing sauce, made with paprika, provide a festive burst of spice and color.

Locro (from Quechua ruqru or luqru) is a stew made from pumpkin, beans, corn and potatoes that is consumed in the Andes, from Argentina and northern Chile, to southwestern Colombia, passing by Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.

It is a kind of stew whose origin is pre-Hispanic and pre-Inca, typical of several Andean peoples who based much of their diet on corn or beans and potatoes.


locro salteño


The recipe may change and include different ingredients depending on the region of america. In Argentina in a typical dish of winter.

Do not think a locro is improvised in half an hour. Preparing a locro takes time – ideal for those who enjoy being in the kitchen chopping vegetables and giving free rein to their creativity. The locro is served very hot and in pots (of clay preferably to conserve the heat), and can be accompanied by slices of crusty bread.


locro argentine stew


Since its ingredients can be obtained anywhere in the world you can also make in your house.

Here we give you the basic recipe


1 cup dry white corn kernels

2 medium chopped onions

2 cloves garlic in thin slices

1 thinly sliced leek

200 grams of smoked bacon in dice

2 sliced red sausages (spicy soft)

2 beef steaks 2.5 cm thick (osobuco, cuadril, or a similar cut) cut into dice

1 cup diced tripe (Optional!)

Pig’s feet (optional)

1 cup butter beans (white beans) (optional)

1 tablespoon ground cumin

1 tablespoon sweet paprika

Ground black pepper and salt to taste

1 cup sliced snap zucchini

1 cup diced sweet potato

1 large potato

Green onion chopped (to decorate the dish once ready)


locro ingredients



Soak dry corn kernels in two cups of water for at least 12 hours, preferably the night before.

In a large pan and thick bottom, cook the onions, garlic, leek, steak, sausages, pork legs, tripe (if you have enough courage) and bacon in a little Olive oil until the onions are transparent. Add the cumin, paprika, a little salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Cook all these ingredients, stirring every 10 minutes. Add the white corn kernels and hot water until all the ingredients are covered by about 5 centimeters of liquid.

Add the vegetables and the beans. Bring the preparation to a boil, lower the cooking intensity, cover and simmer for about two hours. Check the cooking and stir the preparation every 20 minutes.

After two hours, remove the lid from the pan and let the preparation continue to simmer. Remove the pork legs. Crush the vegetables slowly. As they release starch, the preparation will begin to thicken and take consistency of stew. Continue to crush the vegetables and cook the preparation until a thick consistency. Add salt to taste.


Ready, it’s time to enjoy a delicious Andean dish at home

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to write us.
Tell us how the locro came out.

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