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As in the largest cities in America now in Salta you can also study Spanish.


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J. G. School is Spanish – English school located close to the centre town in the city of Salta and it offers you a fun, easy and fast way of learning Spanish or English and it also offers a well organised language programme and a professional service.

Like I used to work as a tour guide, I can also tell you and teach you many things about Salta´s culture, traditions and recommend you which are the best places to visit in Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy. There is just so much to do here! You will have lots of fun at J.G school.

If you live in the city of Salta and want to learn English, this is your opportunity. J.G School takes you to study in the UK, in partnership with BRITISH COUNCIL accredited Schools to guarantee an assurance of quality to our students.









J. G. School in Salta, offers you a unique language experience by combining Spanish courses and authentic culture experiences.

We believe that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish – Speaking country is the best way of achieve a true understanding and excellent pronunciation of Spanish language.

Studying Spanish in Argentina will open up a world of opportunity! Enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a different culture, Salta provides the perfect backdrop for this unique life experience.

Studying Spanish in Salta allows you to immerse yourself completely in the language, which provides an opportunity to quickly gain true proficiency in the language while also enjoying the unique Argentinian and Salta´s culture.

If you take our Spanish course you will be completely immersed in the Spanish language and we will help to develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

During the course you are encouraged to speak and interact as much as possible.

For more info contact us or visit JG School´s website by clicking here

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