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New tour in the city of Salta, this time to visit the historic convent of the San Francisco Church.
A convent with the history of the Franciscans in Salta and America.
A museum full of art, culture and history from past centuries.



The tour will take approximately one hour and we will visit the inside of the mueseum and the secrets of the church.
Upon entering the museum we invite you to connect with the senses and to be a protagonist of the founding history of our Country and our province

Enjoy the atmosphere of peace taken by the hand by an order that has the same years as our city. History, culture and spirituality will surprise you. In old halls and in the magnificent sacristy and choir, the convent museum is located. There are valuable works of art and pieces of collection belonging to the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Sets of chalices; reliquaries, piece of silverware of American baroque style; Colonial style furniture; imagery and paintings from different eras.




100 ARS per person is the cost of this tour, and we run it every wednesday at 4pm

book the tour by email at

or at the museum, Cordoba st 15.

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